Dialogue of Continents the age of immagination | Webinar

4-6 Nov 2020


Massimo Deandreis segnala i webinar "Dialogue of Continents the age of immagination" | 4-6 novembre 2020

Covid19 has hit the global economy severely, creating great pressure for economies and institutions and putting the world at a crossroads.

The global economy had been fragile long before, due to a geopolitical shift, the digital transformation, global warming and societal fragmentation, among other causes.

Collective action is required to help create tighter policy coordination for a safe and reliable environment for business continuity and innovation.

A closer dialogue between government officials, policy makers, scientist, technological innovators, and business leaders at the highest level is extremely important in this regard.

Involving all continents in defining the way forward is crucial to create a common path of progress and peace.